About The Guns To Gloves Program

Shenku is not just about learning to be a warrior or a fighter. 

Not everyone is a warrior.

But they can learn self defense and self control. They can learn about: 

Nature, Mentorship, Life Skills, and Tough love.

Stage 1

First as a potential student you receive an orientation.  

This is where we walk you through Shenku:

The Background
Discovering your path
Setting Expectations 

We listen and get to know the student  to find out if this is the right fit. 

Stage 2

Next the student participates in silent mediation. 

This clears the path for a new approach. Releases the past and focus on future behavior.

Stage 3

Next is stretching. Which prepares them for the work ahead and prevents injury. 

Emphasis on eliminating erratic behaviors for calmness of mind. 

Stage 4

Students then progress to stances and 4 points of Circle movement. Which mean they not only learn but progress to teach others. 

Here students learn focus, discipline, proper positioning, and fundamentals. 

These skills will impact their focus and attention they give to all aspect of their life.  

Stage 5

Next there are drills, combinations, and speed exercises. 

This is where students come to learn there is always something bigger and faster. And to respect those around you.

You have to break down to build up… and this is where it happens.

The students learn their only competition is themselves and to value the lives of others.  

Stage 6

In the building stage, the students begin to spar. Learning both offensive and defensive techniques. 

It’s here where students learn to set goals and achieve those goals. We challenge them to put the same effort and goal achieving into every other part of their life. 

The Shenku Boxing master standup techniques which includes wrestling and Aikido. 

We welcome partnerships with affiliate Jujitsu masters for ground training.

Beyond The Gloves...

Once a student enters the program. Their training extends far beyond learning to punch and block. Although we have trained fighters to compete and win competitions. The lessons taught extend and impact far beyond the ring.

About Coach Mitchell

Coach Mitchell began his own journey decades ago. He was court ordered to complete a Gladiator School Program run primarily by ex-military Green Berets and Marines.

He spent 4 ½ years there and won the Golden Gloves Championship with a Knockout.

He was 7 out of 25 fighters chosen for the Olympics team.

As fate would have it, the Olympics was only one of 3 directions he could take his life at that moment.

A future in either Martial arts, Theology, or basketball awaited him.

He ultimately decided to go the path of Theology and continued to study and train martial arts on the side.

Afterall according to him, Boxing saved his life. It gave him the disclipance and feeling of safely where guns were no longer the answer.

The path of Theology led him to serving 6 years as a case manager. Where he would receive the Case Manager of the Year award for the State of Florida. Working with the same kids he identified with as a youth.

In 1993, he began his studies in Shen Ku. Prior to this he had trained in both North and South Shaolin Kung Fu for 20 years. Including Aikido, Taekwondo, and Jeet Kune Do.

Coach Mitchell grew up learning from Bruce Lee. He really enjoys teaching Shenku Boxing because of its appeal to women, men, children, young, and old.

It is truly an Universal Art Form and he welcomes the participation of other Masters.

Coach Mitchell uses his experience with Martial arts and Case Management to bring Community Impact. It’s a program, with your help, he intends to expand around the country.