Students in Shenku Boxing

Shenku Boxing Martial Arts Training Orientation & Curriculum: 

All new Students will be required to go through a half hour of Orientation before signing on for Shenku Training! 

1. The First thing all Students must do before Training is to Meditate in Silence Emptying Oneself from the heavy cares of life that are stress related! 


2. All Students must stretch on ground stretch with another Student then Standing Stretches. 


3. Callstentics & Isometrics, Cardio Training including Yoga Postures. 


4. Routine Stances acknowledging all Four Points of the Circle demonstrating on both Right & Left Ambidextrous.


5. Heavy Bag’s & Mits 30 Minutes. 


6. Sparing with other opponents working on Techniques related to Shenku Defensive & Offensive. 


Shenku has three Uniforms One for Boxing Two for Martial Arts Training . Shenku uses a Universal Ancient Approach toward the Martial Arts & it’s many different styles that we know gives us a higher advantage over one Dimensional approach!


We recognize three types of Students:

1. Regular

2. Inniate

3. Close Door Disciple!

Sensi AKA Monk Seventh Degree Dan Shenku!

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